Reconstructive surgery Genova

Reconstruction lower limb, head and neck

Reconstructive breast surgery

Woman who underwent a breast amputation due to a cancer has been overwhelmed all of a sudden, from the blue, by a dramatic sequence of events which put under severe test her mental safety and health. Beside the new of a terrible disease, woman has to bear the mutilation of the "all time / all places / all cultures" female trademark. Therefore, reconstruction of a non-vital organ like the breast represents today a fundamental step in patient recovery, not only "quoad vitam" but mainly "quoad valetudinem".

Lower limb Reconstructive Surgery

Lower limb can develop severe tissue losses due to traumatisms and/or degenerative diseases (diabetes, vasculopaties). Plastic surgery can perform various specific techniques to repair these injures, which can become serious problems mainly in the elder people and are frequently underestimated by physicians, relatives and patient itself. Lesions not promptly treated and left to their destiny can lead to amputation in a high percentage of cases.

Head&neck reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery was historically born (many centuries b.C.) to repair severe lesions, aesthetical and functional, caused by traumas and tumors of the cephalic extremity. We can assert that any basic technique, from which modern plastic surgery has developed, was born from here. Head and neck reconstructive surgery, besides repairing vital functions (feeding, breathing, sight, hearing, olfaction), can restore the natural face aesthetic, so important in the daily social life.