Liposuction Genova

Body shaping

Body sculpting

This is one of the most popular plastic surgery operations, performed every day on thousands of patients all over the world. It is important to remember that liposuction isn’t conceived to lose weight (for that are dedicated dietology and bariatric surgery) but to reshape body contour. Modern technologies made this operation much safer and quite easily performable with few patient discomfort.


Pregnancies and massive weight losses can worsen the flat and tight aspect of a normal abdomen, also often causing loosening of the abdominal wall muscles. The abdomen can become "wrinkled" or even "ptotic", and can be corrected by an abdominoplasty. The "swollen" abdomen (caused by overweight and meteorism) cannot be corrected by an abdominoplasty instead.

Body-contouring after massive weight loss

In the last decades more and more obese people had the opportunity to obtain massive weight loss through diet programs or bariatric surgery. Those treatments induce great benefit to patients’ health but disfigurements of the body contour as well, showing big folds and general flabbiness in various anatomical districts: arms, breast, trunk, thighs. A new branch of plastic surgery performs great reshaping of these regions, with higher and higher quality results.