Blefaroplasty Genova


Facial rejuvenation

A tired sight, due to wrinkled lids and/or eye bags, is a main cause of an aged look, even in healthy and optimal fitness people. This problem is equally felt by males and females. Blepharoplasty, almost always performable as a day-surgery procedure, can generate a great improvement to the face look with a quite undemanding operation.


The concept of female beauty and youth has always been associated with a fleshy lips image. Between this image and those disgusting and clownesque results often observed even on famous faces, the step is not so long. The difference is between the concept of "filling" and that one of "rejuvenation": the first is wrong, the second is right. Methods can be gathered in two groups: 1) use of industrial materials (collagen, hyaluronic acid, or permanent substances) 2) use of biological tissues (dermis or fat). In expert hands results are exceptional.